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Pokemon Go 6 helpful tips | Pokemon Go Gotta catch em all

1. Pokémon Go app needs to be running constantly using most of GPS location and relies on using of maps, so always have an External Battery for uninterrupted play. There is also a Battery Saver Mode option available under the Settings Menu of the app.

2. If your pokemon is fainted or injured, there are no pokemon centers to heal in Pokémon Go app, so revives and potions are the only way to cure them.

3. Need to reach atleast a level 10 or 500 XP to evolve a pokemon. Cheatsheet: How much XP’s gained on each action in Pokemon Go.

4. The faster you move, the faster way to hatch your pokemon eggs quickly or else keep the app open while riding to hatch an egg. Kindly focus on roads while driving, stay safe.

5. Better to turn off augmented reality interface option (AR). It does gives a realistic feel when you see a pokemon in the real world using the app, but using camera always consumes much battery and constant movement shifting would make it bit difficult to catch.

6. Pokémon Go relies on use of Google Maps api has per a reddit user throwaway96388, download the maps from Google playstore (open the Google Maps app, go to settings, click on the option [offline maps], hit the plus sign and add your location) and use maps offline, but still you need to connect to data to have full access to the game through.

Niantic Labs | the pokemon company is aware of battery draining issue on some devices and said it is looking into ways to fix the problem. That should be rolling out shortly.

Update: 07/19/16

Photo by Sadie Hernandez

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